My introduction begins with the acceptance of a position with a Texas company so I relocated. Wavecreste is a data flow management company specializing in telecommunication services for an international telecom company. At the present moment I work as a I.T. project test manager for two projects.


I have several interests and at times these are difficult to nail down however I will share my top two. In the first place I have a passion for process. I really enjoy the flow of information and thus the protection of it. Today’s connected world accounts for no safe information as long as it’s connect to a network thus I am prepping for the CEH (Certified Ethical Hacking) certification. The unfortunate case with this first passion is the amount of time that is needed to invest in this skill set. I can say with certainty at this point I have committed large amounts of time related to penetration testing.

My second passion is collegial activities such as the project work I am presently a part of.  It doesn't matter if there is a problem to solve or a process to create.  It is in these broad examples that teams must co-operate to define, create, and implement.  I emphasize "co-operate" because it is in the combined effort of the team that produces results.  Certainly individuals have itemized deliverables as a part of the greater good, yet it is how these deliverables coalesce and are aggregated to become a completed vision that describes my passion best. As the best saying goes there is no "I" in team.